Your Positive Thinking Is A Negative

Your Positive Thinking Is A Negative

  • Go ahead, try it. Get up every day, look yourself in the mirror and call yourself a tiger. RAAAWWWRR!! The stripes aren’t coming anytime soon.

    The average human being has about 50,000 thoughts per day, a large number of which you would rather you didn’t have. The only difference is that some of those thoughts appear to be more significant than others, some have more weight than others and therefore have a greater say than others too. One of the ways that our whoop-de-do modern society has determined would be the dragonslayer of those oh-so-negative thoughts is to drown them in a honeydew slurry of personal affirmation and general awesomeness. YAY! That’s the problem with fake-it-til-you-make it, it turns you into a fake.

    The real problem though is, it doesn’t work. You don’t buy it and those around you don’t either. It’s a trick, a sleight of hand and too exhausting to string out for the rest of your life.

    Think about it, a huge swathe of the thoughts that scuttle across your brain on any given day aren’t even the kind of thoughts you want to have!! They’re glitches, unwanted pop-ups and viruses from some old program you regret running.

    I’m proposing something else. Rather than positive thinking, try this on…selective thinking. That’s right, consciously selecting which thoughts you will be indulging and making significant. The thoughts you will be acting on and making a reality. All the others? They’ll just have to come along for the ride with their new insignificant friends.

    Try it on this week. Forget the positive thinking and take on some selective thinking.

    Time to take back the wheel and drive this bus!