Why You Should NEVER Let Go Of That Dream?

Why You Should NEVER Let Go Of That Dream?

  • Do you get that feeling of knowing what you want but not how to get there? Have you ever had the experience of setting up your dreams, dreams you’ve had since you were a child however they just seem to continue eluding you? We’ve all been there, trying to figure out our place on the planet, how we’re going to “make it”.

    We all have dreams – big or small. Many of us use them as motivations in life, we work our asses off in order to get there, if not all the way there, at least closer to the place we’ve been dreaming of. As we continue our journey in life, we make realizations about these dreams. Sometimes, we start to think that our hopes, our “fantasy life”, was just not realistic and was maybe just too good to be true after all so we start to make small adjustments here and there, cutting corners, lowering our sights to make them somehow more achievable. While setting up a dream that is more realistic can be positive, there has to remain the possibility of magic, of a life beyond our wildest dreams, the kind of dream that calls us forth into an unimagined life.

    We do not believe in waiting until conditions are perfect for us to begin our walk towards our dreams. We believe 199706564695690840_eEftylWN_fthat beginning new action today is actually what makes our dreams real. There is no perfect time to begin. Today is that day. In this article, we will talk about how you can continue that walk towards your dreams and the actions you can take to bring your dream to light. We have outlined these steps to get the ball rolling and start living your dream life now, not later.

    1.)      Know your values and be guided by them – it pays to be clear about your life values. Stay connected to them and allow that which you value to clear the path. While it can be a positive to seek advice from the people we love, staying true to the kind of life that YOU love, the kind of value-driven existence that lights you up, always leaves you in the middle of the life of your choice with your own expectations and your own, authentic reality. Recognize your passion, align your values and let them reveal your path to success. While that path may not be the easiest, it will ultimately be the most rewarding.


    2.)      Stand up for what you really believe in – unfortunately, society is trying to teach us that we are what we do. More so, we were taught to build our dreams with what it wants us to do – we end up working at jobs we don’t love or lives we never really wanted just to attain high social standing or to temporarily feel good about who we are. This kind of approval continues to dilute our dreams then we get sidetracked or seduced by the achievable and somehow forget about our dreams and replace them with reconciling our ambitions with the need of approval from others. It’s not easy to figure out what to do next when there is a layer of insecurity and fear around us.

    The rigid perception of what others see as acceptable can keep you away from the realizing of what you really wanted for yourself. If you really wanted to have the life you’ve always wanted, you MUST take a stand for what you really believe in. Pursue your passion and innovate, find ways to improve yourself and be willing to risk. You actually do have nothing to lose. If you are living a life you didn’t want, consider you have already lost.


    3.)      Get aware of limiting beliefs which may hinder your dreams – how difficult does your future seem to you? For instance, do you think you don’t have the money, talent, resources or time to pursue your dreams? Do you start changing your pathway after several rejections from the efforts you’ve made? If you start experiencing difficulty in continuing to pursue your dream, examine your beliefs. We easily tend to get frustrated because we often have this belief of becoming successful quickly or in a way that we thought it would go.

    We are so eager to see the results of our hard-work that we fail to realize that the process is what makes us greater, more expanded, more accomplished, even more satisfied. Many of us fail to recognize our limited beliefs that distract us away from the process of reaching our ambition – the lack of patience to work consistently for instance. Moreover, we tend to measure our success not from the personal success we experienced in pursuing our goals but by tangible things we achieved along the way.

    We can say we’re doing an excellent job when we make good money but somehow miss the personal expansion or sense of accomplishment when producing quality work. Allowing yourself some grace and appreciation when you don’t achieve exactly what you expected, gives you the room to stay true to your dreams, even on those days when they seem more out of reach than ever.


    4.)      Develop your confidence and believe that you’re already there – our confidence is what arises when we believe in ourselves and can impact your ability to produce outstanding results. No matter how many times you experience being knocked down, the simple willingness to believe that temporary setbacks are just part of the process, will fuel your subconscious mind and  shape your conscious behaviors.