The Two Minute Hack To A New You

The Two Minute Hack To A New You

  • “Life is lived in moments”, and, “everyone has 20/20 hindsight”, are completely useless statements in my moments of need.

    Why can’t I have 20/20 right there in the moment dammit?!!!

    We’ve all had those times when we wish we could be this way or that way, more patient, more understanding, more confident or assertive. You might have had one of those times, (or a number of them!), today or in your recent past. Whatever the case may be, it seems at times in life we are just one or two elements away from being able to handle life in a better, more productive, more workable way.

    Here’s a quick hack to that better, more productive you.

    Think of the people you admire most in life. What qualities do they possess? It could be anything, e.g. accomplished or professional or positive. See if you can find one or two qualities that they all have in common and write them on a piece of paper. Next, put those qualities into your cellphone calendar at the middle point of each day.

    When the little reminder in your calendar goes off, GET INTO ACTION right there in the moment and BE those qualities with whatever or whomever is right there in front of your face. Try it every day for a full seven days.

    Here’s what you’ll find. You actually have the capability to adjust your automatic responses with only a little practice and implementation.

    Go ahead, this is your week!!