THE Most Important Work You Can Do

THE Most Important Work You Can Do

  • If you’re not working on yourself what are you doing? Most busy professionals these days are hard at work building and creating futures that are yet to be realized. Despite all the incredible strategy and skill that’s being brought to bear, many are ignoring the single most critical aspect of being someone with a plan. You.

    Take the case that you, yes you, are who I’m speaking of.

    No matter the structures you have laid out, the detailed plans and visions created, when you are someone who is out to make something authentically new happen, it will require a new kind of expression to realize and fulfill on that new future. New results require a personal expansion, a new you, if you will. What kind of you? It depends on the individual. Perhaps a calmer you, a more balanced you, a more confident or assertive you to deal with and grow from your successes and failures.

    In my career as a personal development expert, spanning continents and thousands of cases, the most ignored and critically underdeveloped item for people is themselves. If you’re someone who is out to grow your career, your business, your finances, your portfolio or any one of a number of items, the most vital component of this list is you and if you’re not working on you, take a moment to ask yourself, “what AM I really working on?”.

    You are your greatest investment. Invest wisely.