The Beginners Guide To Mindset Mastery

The Beginners Guide To Mindset Mastery

  • It seems today there are a number fashionable words and phrases in the personal development industry, one is being mindful and the other is mindset.

    I’ll leave mindful for another day, today I want to address mindset. Mindset is a word that’s used frequently in the world of Psychology to describe a group of assumptions. I would call it a point of view or outlook on a particular thing or things. It’s not a perspective, it’s much broader and more expansive than that.

    Check this out in your own life, look at where you’d rather have things, people or circumstances be different, better or somehow changed. We all have those things rattling around in our collective cages. What’s at play there isn’t the circumstances per se but rather ones view or “outlook” about those things that has the biggest impact on our ability to cause actual real and lasting change in or to those items. Did you get that? It’s not the circumstances it’s what? That’s right, YOU!! It’s not the circumstances it’s YOU or rather YOUR outlook. How do you know that? Well, other people have had similar issues in theirlives and been able to impact them quite successfully. Their capacity for handling those items was somehow greater than yours.

    Except their capacity is just like yours. What made the difference was their outlook, the way in which they saw it that allowed them to interact with their life in a different way.

    All of it begins with something very simple. Willingness, the willingness to accept that there is another way, in fact a multitude of ways to see and engage with life, the seeing and engaging of which alters and shifts what’s possible. When possibility emerges, action, new action, becomes available.

    Try it out, where in your life can you bring a sliver of willingness to see it another way? Shift your outlook, alter your future. Maybe this mindset thing isn’t such a bad idea after all.

    You are your greatest investment, invest wisely.