Success Junkie-Pursuing Your Passions

Success Junkie-Pursuing Your Passions

  • There is probably no greater fuel that is more successfully employed to achieve our goals than our personal passions.  When an individual is really passionate about an idea or a goal they want to achieve in life, the process of achieving that goal naturally brings them joy, a sense of fulfillment and provides the propellant necessary to do whatever it will take to obtain their vision of personal or professional triumph.

    Where do most people start on the path to success?  They start at the beginning, of course!  Some may have challenging physical disabilities,   others may have very little resources, few contacts or perhaps not even a sharply honed skill set, but whether they know it or not, they already have all the resources they truly need.  They have a desire, an ambition and a determination to embark on a journey in order to arrive successfully at their destination.  Self-motivation is probably the strongest component of any “success story”.  Human beings were meant to be creative.  It is that creative energy inside us that when unleashed, allows us to nurture and fulfill our great potential.

    Passionate people are determined people.  They will do the necessary, and perhaps, not so fun legwork in order to make their dream happen.  They will persevere through setbacks, make changes in their strategies as needed and little by little they will gain some success.  If other resources are needed at this time, they will gain the contacts and personnel necessary because others will be attracted to their enthusiasm and more importantly will be able to see concrete examples of the validity of their vision.  Some will not necessarily need the help of others to perfect their goals, but they will see their own personal progress and that helps inspire them to continue.

    It truly is the intangibles that are the necessary ingredients to creating a personal success story.  Commitment, passion, hard work, dedication and most of all, enjoying the journey are some of the integral keys of any successful adventure.  It has been said many times, but it really is true that life is about the journey, not the destination.  Don’t be fooled into thinking you cannot be happy or joyful until you reach your goal.  In fact, if you are continually frustrated and unhappy while pursuing your “success story” you may be on a path that is not right for you.  Most success junkies will tell you, although it was a fantastic experience to actually reach their long-awaited goal, as they look back they realize the greatest satisfaction they received was really through the process of working toward achieving their goal.  They will probably tell you they were glad they started out with very little in the way of skills, resources or money.  The very act of having little and creating something of great personal beauty was the very gift, the very sense of considerable satisfaction they were looking for all along.  Having no regrets about our life’s journey is one of the signs of true victory.

    A true success junkie will probably enjoy their accomplishment for a time and then find themselves getting a bit restless.  The act of creation is an expansive process.  The practice of working toward a target and experiencing the feelings of accomplishment that achieving a goal can bring, actually provides the spark of inspiration that gives an individual even more drive and determination to accomplish even greater things.  Soon, the typical successful person will move on to their next goal and they will enjoy the journey all over again with an entirely different objective in mind.

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