Risk Without Fear? What You Need To Know

Risk Without Fear? What You Need To Know

  • In my career as a personal development professional, one of the most common issues new clients want to deal with is the issue of fear. How to eradicate it, minimize it, control it, dilute it, you name it I’ve heard it. Now I’m not talking about fear for your life or fear for your safety, what I’m taking about are those everyday kind of fears that stop you dead in your tracks.

    Well, here’s the news, fear is here and it’s here to STAY!

    To be someone that’s out to accomplish the extraordinary, the mighty, the unique, is to be someone that is able to hang out with fear and fulfill on your dreams, to stand in the face of fear and act like you’ve never acted before.

    Fearless people are people that are either, a) Gripped by fear yet still taking the action or b) People that are not up to anything big enough to illicit fear.

    Fear isn’t to be avoided or minimized, fear is to be embraced and enjoyed. Why? Because when you are in the presence of fear, you are in the realm of the unknown, the edges of comfort and the predictable where uncertainty reigns and possibility dwells. It’s also the place where you, if you check it out, have accomplished your greatest results in life. In short, fear is a MUST, it’s your guide, your partner and your alarm system.

    Let go of the idea that fear is the enemy. Grab your fear by the horns and embark on the ride of a lifetime. Sure, you might fall off from time to time but that’s the idea. The game isalways bigger than the fear.

    The alternative to fear is safety and while I might enjoy being safe in my car, it’s no way to live a life of fulfillment, empowerment and success. For that I’ll need to open the door to my old friends risk and fear and invite them in for tea.

    I do hope they stay awhile.

    With that, you are your greatest investment, invest wisely.