Get a taste of what it's like to sit in the presence of a world changer. His commitment to helping others is palpable. Like, Share, be a part of changing the world.

Gary’s innate ability to engage audiences in a personal and mouth-watering conversation is beyond comparison. He quickly steers the conversation into empowering participants to take action and move toward dreams that may lie dormant. His thick Scottish accent pours over the experience and as the wisdom and purpose he imparts hits you, you will get present to just how he has helped thousands of people around the world.

Gary’s goal is to be in action toward helping you achieve what you never knew was there to achieve. His focus isn’t on the bottom line but rather in helping you level up in your life. These videos and clips are a piece of what it is available to you.

Hearing his voice and the passion in each word will create a space for all the future readings of his material. You’ll hear him in your head, coaching you through struggle and you’ll also know that he’ll hold you to a higher level of responsibility.

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  • Who Made This Mess?
  • Eventually You Are Burdened By What You Tolerate
  • Get Out Of Your Head!