3 Simple Strategies For Letting Go

3 Simple Strategies For Letting Go

  • In our lives we all have, (or have had), issues that we just cannot seem to let go of.  Some are significant, some less so but the, “hanging on”, is something we’ve all engaged in at whatever level. Even the issues that we say we’ve let go of still come to life from time to time while on the surface we appear to have overcome them.

    That’s the problem right there. Overcoming. As human beings we have a massive capacity for overcoming life’s issues and possess a tiny muscle for letting go of them. The weight of overcoming can become burdensome. The impact of this “wiring” is cumulative and can manifest in aspects of our everyday lives that aren’t immediately recognizable.

    Someone once told me, “if you’re not happy, you’re hanging onto something”. I’ve tried this theory out a number of times! Every single time I have found it rings true.

    Here are some simple accesses to relieving yourself of the cumulative burden of overcoming.

    1. Whatever the issue is, OWN IT. Putting yourself at the center of your own universe as being someone who has THE say in how your life goes, is the most powerful way of impacting your personal freedom. No one can upset you as much as you can.

    2. Forgive. This can be a tricky one as you can sometimes elevate yourself above others. Forgiving is made up of two words. FOR and GIVING. It’s giving for the sake of giving. It’s generosity of spirit against the rigidity of being right.

    3. Grant grace. Firstly yourself, you’re a human being not a robot. You don’t get it right all the time and no one else does either. It’s part of what it is to be a human being. Secondly, others. When you get that we’re all in this crazy race together you can see that winning is an illusion and that life is more like bumper cars than Formula one!

    Finally, whatever the issue, whatever it’s significance, holding onto it will ultimately do more damage to you than anyone else. Keep reminding yourself of that little nugget.

    As always, you are your greatest investment, invest wisely.